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Alain Manesson Mallet

Alain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706) spent the first part of his career as a foot soldier in one the regiments of Louis XIV, becoming a sergeant-major of artillery and then an inspector of fortifications. After leaving the army he specialised in the publication of books describing both scientific and practical aspects of military engineering.

He is best known, however, for the compendious “Description De L’Univers”, a five volume geographical, cosmographic and historical work, which included maps of all known parts of the world. First published in 1683 with French text, a second German edition followed in 1684 in Frankfurt with the addition of German titles to the maps, just outside the printed border.

The miniature maps are highly distinctive: small picturesque engravings which combine decorative elements with an unusual degree of detail.

His major publications were Description de L'Univers (1683) in 5 volumes, and Les Travaux de Mars ou l'Art de la Guerre (1684) in 3 volumes.

Antique maps by Mallet.
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Europe - Europe Ancienne das Alle Europe, Mallet, 1686, 150 x 110, £55 17th century map of Europe by Mallet
Europe - Europe Moderne De L'Europe, Mallet C. 1683, 150 x100, £55 Continent of Europe
Mediterranean Sea - Mer Mediterranne Du Globe Terreste, Mallet C.1683, 150 x 100, SOLD Europe Antique Map
Belgium and France - De L'Europe, Mallett C.1683, 170 x 115, £50 17th century map of Belgium
Germany - Partie Meridionale de L'Ancienne Germanic ou la Vraye Germanie De L'Europe, Mallet 1683, 170 x 115, £55 Ancient Germany historical map
Germany - Allemange en Generale De L'Europe, Mallet 1683, 170 x 115, £65 Historic map of Germany
Germany - Bavaria De L'Europe, Mallet C.1683, 150 x 115, £55 Historic Map of Bavaria
Germany - Bavaria der Uereinigten Niderlande, Mallet C.1686, 150 x 115, £55 Old map of Bavaria by Mallet
Netherlands - Pays Bas Catholiques De L'Europe, Mallett 1683, 150 x 100, £50 17th Century map of the Netherlands by Mallett
Netherlands and Belgium - Cercle de Westphalie De L' Europe, C.1683, 150 x 115, Script verso £50 Belgium and Netherlands antique map
Netherlands and Belgium - Pays Bas en General De L'Europe, Mallett,
C. 1683,170 x 115, Script verso £50
17th century map of Holland
Netherlands and Belgium - Provinces Vnies die Uereinighten Niderlande, C.1685, 150 x 100, £50 Holland by Mallett
Russia - North - Detroit de Waigats, Mallet, C.1685, 145 x 100, £50 North Russia Map - 17th century

Historical 17th century Maps by Alain Manesson Mallet.


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