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Jacques Nicolas Bellin 1703 - 72

Bellin spent over fifty years at the French Hydrographic Service where he was appointed the first Ingeniuer hydrogrographe de la Marine. During his time there he was commissioned to carry out major surveys, first of the coasts of France and later all the known coasts of the world. This resulted in production of a large number of sea charts of the highest quality which appeared in many editions with varying numbers of charts to the end of the century.

He was appointed Hydrographer to the King and was a member of the Royal Society in London.
Atlases by Bellin include:

Maps for Prevost's L'Histoire Générale des Voyages - 1747-61.
Atlas Maritime - 1751.
Neptune François - 1753 and re-issues.
Partie occidentale et orientale de la Nouvelle France, ou du Canada - 1755.
Hydrographie Françoise: 2 volumes 1756-65 re-issues to 1802.
Guiana - 1757.
Essai géographique sur les Isles des Britanniques - 1757.
Petit Atlas Maritime: 5 Volumes - 1764.
Corsica - 1769.
Gulf of Venice - 1771.
Charts of the Caribbean - 1773.

Antique maps from the 18th century by Bellin.
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Plymouth Sound Chart, Jacques Nicholas Bellin, 1764, Le Petit Atlas Maritime, 220 x 190mm, £125.00 18th century chart of Plymouth by Bellin
Siberia, North Russia, J. N. Bellin, c. 1758, 295 x 455mm, £100.00 Siberia-bellin
Maldives and Maluka Islands, Bellin circa 1753, 216 x 315mm, £120 Maldives and Maluka Islands or Moluccas
Kamchatka - East Russia, Laurent/Bellin circa 1764, 516 x 297mm, £80.00 Kamchatka
Russia (North) - Carte du Detroit Detroit de Waigats ou de Nassau, C.1765 200 x 305, £95 North Russia Antique Sea chart
Russia (North) - Stuck Von Dem Eis-meer Welches Neu Zembla un das land der Samoiden. J.N. Bellin C.1758, 215 x 340,SOLD North Russia old sea chart
Manchuria - North East China - Carte de la Tartarie Orientale, c.1749, 210 x 312mm, SOLD Manchuria North East China
China and Mongolia - Pour Servier a l'Histoire Generale de Voyages Tiree des Auteurs Anglois, N. Bellin 1749, 222 x 310, SOLD China Mongolia Siberia
English Channel Chart, Jaques Nicholas Bellin, Essai géographique sur les Isles des Britanniques - 1757, 556 x 870mm, SOLD 18th Century antique chart of the English Channel by Bellin

Antique maps from the 18th century by Bellin.


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