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Old Maps of London and Westminster

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Antique and historical old maps of London and Westminster

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London and its Environs, B. R. Davies c.1847, £550.00 Victorian London City map for sale by Davies
The Environs of London, B. R. Davies, March 1st 1888, £445.00 Antique map of London for Sale - Davies
London Post Office Map Kelly and Co. 1893, £395.00 London Post office Map 1893 for sale
London, Thomas Moule and W. Schmollinger, Moule's English Counties, c. 1845, £395.00 framed. The rarest of all Thomas Moule's maps. London map by Moule
London, Westminster and Southwark in 1720, Cassells circa 1885, 505 x 660mm, SOLD London and Westminster
London, SDUK, Edward Stanford, June 1st 1860, 400 x 670mm, £395.00 19th century map of London for Sale
London, James Wyld 1886, 585 x 780mm, £625.00 London map for sale - Wyld
Cary's New Pocket Plan of LONDON, WESTMINSTER and SOUTHWARK, Jan 1st 1799, 412 x 614mm, £595.00 London Cary's pocket map
The City of London in the Time of the Saxon Dynasty, William Darton circa 1810, £265.00 London antique map
Walbrook and Dowgate Wards - London, John Stow, 312 x 182mm c.1720, £65.00 Walbrook and Dowgate Wards London - Antique Plan
London - St. Giles Cripplegate , Unknown, Stows Survey of London , 300 x 355 , 1755, £85.00 St Gile Cripplegate London
Some sold items for your reference  
London, Westminster and Southwark, W. Owen 1757, 206 x 410mm, SOLD London antique map for sale
The Oarsman's and Anglers map of the River Thames, James Reynolds and Sons 1891, SOLD River Thames Victorian Map
London in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1560, Cassells circa 1885, two sheets, 455 x 1230mm total, SOLD London in 1560 map
Leigh's London, Leigh's New Picture of London, hardback book with map and over 100 views, dated 1841, SOLD Leighs London
Londinum London, Rutger Hermannides 1661, 130 x 263mm, SOLD London 17th century map bu Hermann
London, Thomas Moule, Barclay's English Dictionary, c.1850, 166 x 210mm, £70.00 London antique map by Moule
London, Thomas Moule and W. Schmollinger, Moule's English Counties, c. 1845, £395.00 framed. The rarest of all Thomas Moule's maps. London map by Moule
London with Street Index, J. Robins circa 1816, 240 x 550mm, SOLD Antique map of London for sale
London, Bacon's Penny Plan of London, John Martin, circa 1900, 290 x 340mm, SOLD London Bacons Map dated 1900
London - Thames Map, Stanfords, Stanford's New Map from Richmond to Lechlade, 200 x 3240, c.1900, SOLD River Thames Map
London, retrospective map by Edward Weller after John Senex depicting the city in 1720, chromolithograph circa 1880, 500 x 660mm, SOLD Antique map of London
Tower Street Ward - London, Noorthouck, 177 x 230mm,1772, SOLD Tower Street Ward London
London Environs, From Phillips New Map for Pedestrians and Cyclists, for the Association of Lime Cement and Brick Manufacturers 1906, 680 x 900, 1906, SOLD London Antique Street Map - Cement
London Post Office, Kelly's Directories, Drawn and Engraved Expressly for the Post Office Directory, 700 x 1060, 1912 , SOLD London Street Map dated 1912
London, Harper's Standard Map of London, 1872, 630 x 830mm, SOLD London antique street map
London - Westminster street plan, c.1755, B. Cole, 234 x 365mm, SOLD Antique London and Westminster map
London - Cheape Ward , Unknown, Stows Survey of London, 300 x 355 , 1755, SOLD Cheape-ward-london

London Street Map - Booths, published by J. Reynolds, dated 1846,
441 x 782mm, SOLD

London - Booths
London and Middlesex Antique Map , Antonio Zatta Zuliani / Pitteri, Atlante Novissimo, 192 x 300, 1779, SOLD Middlesex and North London Antique map by Zatta dated 1799
London and Environs , Stanfords, Stanford's 2 inch map, 680 x 1100, c.1910, SOLD London Antique Street Map
Tower of London, 19th century plan circa 1860, 155 x 243mm, SOLD Tower of London 19th century plan
St. James's Park London, W. Clarke 1817, 140 x 90mm, SOLD St. James's Park London Antique Map
London Street Plan - Bartholomew and Co. c.1900, 415 x 540mm, SOLD Old map of Londaon circa 1900 by Bartholomew

A selection of London old maps including Westminster. Genuine antiques. See also charts of the River Thames


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