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A Collection of Antique Maps and Charts of the County of Dorset

These maps and charts of Dorset are from a private collection and may be purchased individually.
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Subject Publication Engraver / Artist Date Size (mm) Image Link Price
London to Weymouth Road Map Pocket Guide for the English Traveller Thomas Gardner 1719 175 x 275 London-Weymouth-Road-Map £60
Dorsetshire dorset Robert Morden Camden's Britannia 1753 360 x 420 Dorset Morden £185
Dorset The antiquities of England and Wales by Francis Grose John Seller 1773 - 1787 120 x 150 Dorset-Seller-Grose £45
London to Weymouth Road Map Post Chaise Companion Carrington Bowles c.1782 140 x 155 London-Weymouth-Road-Map £22
Cranborn - Dorchseter
Basingstoke - East Dean Road Maps
Britannia Depicta (3No. copies available) Emanuel Bowen and John Owen 1720 - 1764 185 x 115 Dorchester-Road-Map £22
Bristol - Weymouth Road Map Post Chaise Companion Thomas Kitchin 1767 160 x 215 Bristol-Weymouth-Road-Map SOLD
Dorset Britannia Depicta Emanuel Bowen and John Owen 1720 - 1764 185 x 115 Dorset-Owen-Bowen £50
Dorsetshire New and Correct atlas John Cary 1795 215 x 265 Dorsetshire-Cary SOLD
Christchurch to Lyme Regis Chart Chart unknown unknown c.1880 225 x 325 Dorset-Sea-Chart SOLD
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Town Plan unknown Lt. Robert K. Dawson RE c.1830 295 x 280 Weymouth-town-plan £22
Dorchester Town Plan unknown Lt. Robert K. Dawson RE c.1830 400 x 400 Dorchester-Town -Plan £28
Dorchester Town Plan unknown Lt. Robert K. Dawson RE c.1830 230 x 280 Dorchester-Town -Plan £22
Dorset Lewis's Topographical Dictionary R. Creighton / J. and C. Walker 1831 180 x 235 Dorset-Walker £20

Town Plans of Dorchester
Bridport, Weymouth and Poole

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary R. Creighton /
J. and C. Walker
1831 225 x 185 Dorset Town Plans £18
Dorchester Town Plan Ordnance Survey Parliamentary Boundaries Col. Sir H. James and Capt. R. M Parsons c.1870 330 x 230 Dorchester Town Plan £18
Dorset Hunting Map Hobson's Fox Hunts J. C. Walker c.1860 330 x 400 Dorset Hunting Map SOLD
Dorsetshire Kitchin's English Atlas Thomas Kitchin c.1765 170 x 215 Dorsetshire-Kitchin £65
Dorset Isaac Slater's British Atlas James Pigot 1846 230 x 360 Dorset-Pigot £60
Dorsetshire Camden's Britannia Robert Morden 1753 360 x 420 Dorsetshire-Morden £175
Dorset Greenwood and Company's Atlas of England and Wales C. and J. Greenwood 1829 580 x 690 Dorset-Greenwood SOLD
Coastal Headlands from Hampshire to Pembrokeshire Possibly from Great Britains Coasting Pilot Possibly Capt. Greenville Collins c.1693 450 x 570 Coastal Headlands-Collins SOLD
Portland Harbour Chart Admiralty Chart Hall / Haselwood 1896 840 x 660 Portland Harbour Chart £125
Dorsetshire Moule's English Counties Thomas Moule C.1840 210 x 270 Dorset-Moule SOLD


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