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Extensive 18th Century map of India, Bengal, Bahar

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18th Century map of India -  Bengal - Bahar


James Rennell

Major James Rennell FRS (3 December 1742 – 29 March 1830)
A geographer, historian and a pioneer of oceanography. The greatest of the early cartographers of India, he joined the Navy , but was lent to the East India Company and appointed Surveyor-General of Bengal in 1764 at the age of 21, retiring in 1777 after 13 years surveying.

The Bengal Atlas was published in 1779 and contained 21 maps and plans. His second great work was the construction of the first 'correct' map of the whole of India, first issued in 1782.

Map of Hindostan, 2 sheets, 1782 re-issued by Laurie and Whittle 1794.
Map of Bengal, Behar, Oude, Allahabad and part of Agra and Dehli, Dury 1776, re-issued Faden 1786, Laurie and Whittle 1796, Wyld 1824.
An Actual Survey of the Provinces Bengal, Behat, etc, Dury 1779, Laurie and Whittle 1794.
Map of the Provinces of Dehli, Agrah, Oude and Allahabad, Laurie and Whittle 1794.

Eighteenth century map of Hindostan by Rennell