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Cambridge by Vincenzo Coronelli 1706

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Coronelli antique map of Cambridge

18th century city map of Cambridge by Coronelli

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli 1650-1718
Ordained as a Francescan priest, Coronelli spent most of his life in Venice, becoming a noted theologian and being appointed in 1699, Father Genrel of his order. By that time her was already famous as a mathematician, cartographer and globe maker and his influence led to a revival of interest in these subjects in Italy at the end of the seventeenth century. He was regarded as the greatest cartographer of his time in Italy and became Cosmographer to the Venetian Republic, taught geography in the University and, in 1680 founded the first geographical society, the Acedemia Cosmografica degli Argonauti.

In his lifetime he compiled and engraved over 500 maps including a large two-volume work, the Atlante Veneto, similar to Robert Dudley's Dell' Arcano del Mare; he is equally wll known for his construction of very large globes even in finer than those of Blaeu, including one 15 feet in diameter made for Louis XIV of France.

1690-91 Atlante Veneto
1696-97 Insolaro dell' Atlante Veneto
1692 Corso geografico universale (re-issued 1695)
1693 Libro dei Globi (re-issued 1695)
1695 World Map
1696 Pacific Ocean.