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Duff Islands - Solomon Islands - 18th Century Chart

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18th century sea chart of the Duff Islands

The Duff Islands (Pileni Taumako) are a small island group lying to the northeast of the Santa Cruz Islands in the Solomon Islands province of Temotu. They are also sometimes known as the Wilson Islands.
The islands are located at 9°31'48" S. latitude, 167°4'48" W. longitude (NE of Australia).
The Duff Islands consist of: Taumako, the main island, with nearby Tahua and Tohua
The Bass Islands: Lua, Kaa and Loreva. Treasurer's Islands: Tuleki, Te Aku, Lakao and Ulaka
Hallie Jackson Reef

The Duff Islands are located 150 km NE of Santa Cruz Island in the eastern Solomon Islands. The islands nearest neighbours are the Reef Islands, 110 km SW. The islands cover an area of 14 sq km, and had a population of 439 at last census in 1999.

The inhabitants of the Duff Islands are Polynesians, and their language, Pileni, is a member of the Samoic branch of Polynesian languages. The way of life is traditional by subsistence farming and fishing. Taumako has no roads, airport, telephones, or electricity. Contact with outsiders comes by battery-powered marine radio and the occasional cargo ship. The Duff Islands were named after missionary ship Duff, captained by James Wilson, which reached them in 1797.