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Egypt and North Africa by Gerard Mercator c.1688

Egypt by Gerard Mercator17th Century map of Egypt by Mercator
Antique map of Egypt - Mercator
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Appendix tab. III. Africæ, Ægyptum inferiorem exhibens :meridiani equidistant pro ratione paralleli 30 1/2.
Appendix .III. Tabulae Afr:

Decorative map of North Africa and Egypt by Gerard Mercator, attractive title cartouche and ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Condition: Good, bold imprint, folding copy, generous margins.

Title: Egypt
Medium: Hand coloured engraving. Image Size: 000 x 000mm, 00 x 00" approx.
Order No. 2055 Price: £225.00 Paper Size: 000 x 000mm, 00 x 00" approx.
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Gerardus Mercator (born 5 March 1512 in Rupelmonde in the Hapsburg County of Flanders, Holy Roman Empire, died 2nd December 1594 in Duisburg, was a cartographer. He is remembered for the Mercator projection world map, which is named after him. This proved very useful to many later navigators who could (using his map) sail across the entire ocean on approximately straight paths (called rhumb lines). He died in Duisburg.

Mercator published corrected and updated versions of Ptolemy's maps in 1578 as the first part of his 'atlas'. His 'atlas' continued with a further series of maps of France, Germany and the Netherlands in 1585. Although the project was never completed Mercator did publish a further series in 1589 including maps to the Balkans (then called Sclavonia) and Greece.
Other maps by Mercator

17th century map of Egypt after Mercator.

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