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Edmond Halley - English Channel Chart - Dover to Isles of Scilly with Channel Islands

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18th century chart of the English Channel by Edmond Halley.

Edmund Halley ( 8 November 1656 - 25 January 1742)
One of the great names in the history of astronomy and cartography. A celebrated mathmetician , Fellow of the Royal Society, the second Astronomer Royal in succession to Flamsteed, his name is perpetuated in the name of Halley's Comet, the orbit of which he calculated.

As a young man he spent two years in St. Helena taking observations and in the years 1698-1700 took part in voyages in the North and South Atlantic studying meterology, magnetic variations and ocean currents. The charts he issued as a result of his studies were widely used and reproduced.

Edmund Halley
Halley by Richard Phillips