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WWI Satirical Map of Europe by Harry Furniss

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The Kaiser's Monstor Carnival or Terrorism Carrtoon map

WWI Satirical Map by Harry Furniss dated 1915

Harry Furniss

Harry Furniss March 26, 1854 – January 14, 1925
Born in Wexford, Ireland, his father was English and his mother Scottish. He was educated at Dublin’s Wesley College.

His first job as an illustrator was for the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, and when it was purchased by the owner of The Illustrated London News he moved to that magazine. There he produced illustrations of social events such as the Boat Race, Goodwood and even the annual fancy dress ball at Brookwood Asylum.

After some years Furniss moved to The Graphic, initially writing and illustrating a series of supplements titled "Life in Parliament".

His most famous cartoons were published in Punch, for which he started working in 1880, and to which he contributed over 2,600 drawings. He left Punch in 1894 when its owners discovered that he had sold one of his 'Punch' drawings to Pears Soap for use in an advertising campaign. In 1890, he illustrated the Badminton Library's volume on Golf.

He illustrated Lewis Carroll's novels Sylvie and Bruno in 1889 and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded in 1893. Carroll and Furniss sometimes produced both pictures and text simultaneously. Carroll exerted strong control over Furniss' illustration, to such an extent that Furniss would pretend to be out when Carroll called at his home. After completing Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, Furniss vowed never to work for the author again.

On leaving Punch Furniss brought out his own humorous magazine Lika Joko, but when this failed he moved to America where he worked as a writer and actor in the fledgling film industry and where, in 1914, he pioneered the first animated cartoon film for Thomas Edison.