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Gibraltar 18th Century Map by Matthew Seutter

Gibraltar, also featuring Minorca.

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Gibraltar antique 18th century map by Gibson

Very decorative 18th century map of Gibraltar by Matthew Seutter for sale

Georg Matthäus Seutter Snr 1676-1756
Georg Matthäus Seutter Jnr 1729-1760

After serving an apprenticeship to J. B. Homman, the Nuremberg map publisher, Seutter set up his own very successful business in Ausberg and was appointed Geographer to the Imperial Court. With his son, Albrecht, and son-in-law, Conrad Lotter, he issued circa 1741 a large series of town plans. For much of his life he worked in competition with his old employer and, not surprisingly, his maps are often very similar to Homann.

c. 1720 Atlas Germanicus
1725 Atlas Geographicus
1728 Atlas Novus: Vienna and Ausberg 1730, 1736 re-issued.
c.1735 Grosser Atlas
c.1741 Atlas novus sive tabulae geograhicae totius orbis (town plans)
1744 Atlas minor (4to with folded maps)