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Old Antique Map of Kent by Badeslade and Toms 1741

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18th century Antique Map of Kent by Badeslade and Toms 1741

Thomas Badeslade (fl. 1719 - 45)

A noted surveyor and engineer concerned with the waterway improvements, especially of the reclamation of the Fens. He also prepared the maps for Chrographia Britanniae, a series of small county maps produced for George II for an intended royal tour of England and Wales. Each map, engraved by William Henry Toms, has a column of historical and topical notes of local interest. The atlas appeared in 1742, but many of the maps are dated 1741, it was advertised regularly and was soon being retailed by twenty-six booksellers. It was the first eighteenth century county atlas to be pocket size.

Eighteenth century map of Kent by Thomas Badeslade and William Henry Toms.