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Antique Maps by George-Louis Le ROUGE

Lieutenant George-Louis Le Rouge (c.1712-c.1790) was born in Hanover, Germany. He became a Lieutenant in the regiment of Saxe before establishing himself as a publisher, compiler and editor of maps in Paris. He later became the “Ingenieur Geographe de Roi”.

He specialised in atlases of palns and fortifications, his works include:
Theatre de la Guerre en Allemagne 1741.
Nouvel Atlas Portatif, 1748 and 1756.
du Chateau de Chambord 1750,
Recueil des Plans de L'Amerique 1755.
Recueil des Cotes Maritimes de France 1757.
Atlas Prussien 1758.
Recueil des Ville, Ports, d'Angleterre 1759.
Topographie des Chemins de l'Angleterre 1760.
Recueil des Fortifications, Forts et Ports de mere de France 1760.
Curiosites de Londres 1765.
Curiosities de Paris 1768.
Atlas Ameriquain Septentrinal 1778.
Pilote Ameriquain Septentrinal 1778-9.

Le Rouge's works on England and America were not original, but reductions or copies of English Surveys, and some after Bellin.

Le Rouge was initially a military “Ingenieur” for fortifications and he was also a map-maker for the army and Marine Royale. He was active between 1740 and 1780, in Paris at, rue des Augustins.


Flanders - La Flandre Le Haynaut a Paris, le Rouge Circa 1750, 200 x 280 £95 Flander antiquarian map
Germany - L' Allemange Par Postes, Le Rouge, 1742, 200 x 270, £95 German Empire Map
Germany - La Franconie le cours du main un partie de celuy du Rhim a Paris, Le Rouge 1748, 200 x 280, £55 18th century map of Germany
Netherlands Province - Seigneurie D'Over - Yssel, Le Rouge 1748,
210 x 225, £95

18th century Maps by Georges-Louis Le Rouge.


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