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18th Century Antique Maps by John Senex

A publisher and engraver a contemporary of Herman Moll and perhaps to some extent a rival, though his output was somewhat smaller. Together with Charles Price and James Maxwell (fl. 1708-14), he produced some fine maps of the world and the continents as well as maps of various countries.

He also seems to have specialised in road maps and in 1719 he issued a corrected edition of Ogilby's Britannia, in miniature form which was published in various editions, five of which after his death by his widow. There was also a pirated copy by Thomas Kitchin.

His works include:
A New Map of Great Britain (with Charles Price) c.1710.
Atlas (20 maps without title) 1712.
The English Atlas 1714.
An Actual Survey of all the principal roads of England and Wales 1719-77 ( French Ed. 1759).
World and the Continents 1719.
A new General Atlas of the World 1721.
Hertfordshire - Re-issue of John Norden's map first published in 1593-98, 1723.

John Senex fl. 1690 - 1740.

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Italy Antiqua
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18th century old maps by John Senex.